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our viewers think about this. a question today is do you think america has fallen behind as we've -- joe has just said? we have. why do you think it's true when it comes to protecting the environment. e-mail us by logging on to and we're going to be checking out your views a little bit later. >>> now, take charge of your career. if you've been out of work for a few months and you do find a job, you are probably thrilled. good for you. but starting any new job is going to be hard and it's even harder after a long lay-off, so here's how to make a successful reentry back into the work force. "the wall street journal" says, one, read up about your industry. have your boss describe your job very specifically so you can get as ready as possible. then a few day s before your first day, go do a test run. see how long it's going to get you to shower, to get there, whether it's finding your way on the road or taking a subway so you're going to be on time and ready and confident on your first day. now, this one may be the hardest. don't make the same mistakes twice. now, maybe
about this. the question today, do you think america has fallen behind as joe has said we have. why do you think that's true when it comes to protecting the environment? log on to and we'll be checking out your views a little later. >>> delivery room tragedy left a new mother paralyzed and unable to speak four years ago. now her parent says she wants to see her children, but her ex-husband is fighting it. why he says he wants to keep her from seeing their kids. [ wheezing ] i have asthma. and that's what it sounded like when my symptoms came back. i'd get this tightness in my chest. like i was breathing through a straw. so i went back to my doctor again. we talked about choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma. [ man ] while it's not a rescue inhaler, symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. it helps give me the control to... [ inhales, exhales ] symbicort is a combination of two medicines. it will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains fo
people have such strong feelings about this topic? >> we're america. we like celebrities. he's a celebrity. he's done something wrong. >> i wish this country would consider the things that really mattered. what tiger woods does in his bedroom or someone else's bedroom isn't important to me right now. >> media saturation. people are interested in infidelity. >> people love drama. america loves drama. so tiger woods, it's been a lot of drama. >> i'm joe carter. we'll see you on the street. >> you can get comprehensive coverage of tiger woods' return here on hln. rafer weigel will be reporting live from augusta national all week long. keep it here. >>> the first time u.s. intelligence approved of making an american citizen a marked man in years even if the u.s. government says this man poses a serious threat. should an american citizen be targeted for assassination. your views in a moment. >>> the u.s. is apparently targeting an american born muslim cleric to be killed or captured. an war alalaki is a serious threat to the u.s. and plotted against americans. he's believed to be
and others are plotting to do is same thing if america doesn't changes its ways. in court the suspect said the plan was launched by overseas al qaeda leaders but was abandoned when they thought police caught on and were watching them. during his court plea yesterday, he warned of another terror attack if the u.s. does not stop what he called the war on islam. a third man was pleaded not guilty to the terror charges. >>> gunmen ambushed and killed seven police officers in the city of sciudad juarez. more than 5,000 people have been killed in juarez since a turf war between drug cartels erupted two years ago. >> arizona now has a controversial new immigration enforcement measure on its books, governor jan brewer signed it into law in phoenix yesterday. the law requires immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times, it also allows police to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. governor brewer says she had no choice when it came to signing that bill into law. >>> we in arizona have been more than patient waiting for washington to act. the decades of f
across america are watching arizona. seeing how we implement this law. ready to jump on p even the slightest misstep. >> the debate over immigration reform is heating up thanks to a new law in arizona. hear what it covers and what supporters and critics are saying about it. >>> a great story, a german shepherd came to the family's rescue when their shop caught fire. and state troopers honored him for being a guide and a hero. >>> you're watching hln on saturday morning. i'm susan hendricks. >>> the month of may starts in a week, but it's looking a whole lot like january in colorado. take a look at these shots. a powerful spring storm dropped snow, sleet, and rain across the state yesterday. some tornadoes were spotted too, apparently some touched down in the eastern plains. no reports of any injuries or damage. meteorologist bonnie schneider is following the storm for us. >> we are tracking the threat for severe weather in advance of that same storm system that brought the snow to colorado. now we're running the risk for tornadoes. and a high risk at that. and that means that w
morning america." listen to what he had to say the day after. >> i'm in the business of proving defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of crimes. if we could do it i would have done it. i admit we couldn't prove it. exactly what happened, we know there was a lot of drinking going on. the victim quite candidly was exceed league intoxicated. roethlisberger had been providing shots of alcohol to her and some sorority sisters at the club that night. i don't want to mislead anybody. the victim had already been drinking prior to that. the issue is what happened in a small bathroom there. you get a lot of he said/she said, but it's unclear. it's foggy and that's not -- i couldn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt what happened there. >> there are a lot of questions remaining. he is saying we don't really know what happened in that bathroom. she had a sexual assault examination, but her inconsistent statements are what could really hamper a beyond a reasonable doubt conviction standard. >> does the clearing of charges in this case have any bearing on the case in nevada? where does that thing
whether they're with wall street or whether they're with main street and the rest of america. >> yesterday president obama vow youed to veto a financial overhaul bill that does not regulate mortgage-backed securities or similderivatives. goldman sachs claims the sec's charges are completely unfounded and will vigorously contest them and defend the firm and its reputati reputation. >>> we're only going to see pictures like this a couple more times. this is "discovery." only three shuttle missions left. what do you think its future should be? we'll be sharing some of your views. >>> noir another toyota recall to tell you about. they're recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. spare tire cables could snap from corrosion. if that happened while you're driving, the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. this recall only affects siennas in cold-weather states. prolonged exposure to road salts could cause the corrosion. >>> the pilot who survived this wants everyone to know he's okay. he's also thanking the rescue crews who rushed to thank him when his plane crashed
60 countries that america's nuclear policy was endangering the world. president obama did not invite iran to his nuclear security summit in washington last week. the u.s. fears iran is using a civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop weapons. but iran is denying this, saying its nuclear work is only for peaceful purposes like power generation. >>> there was a tense standoff when some white supremacists held a rally in downtown los angeles. about 50 members of the national socialist movement were prote protesting against illegal immigration. it happened yesterday. you see it here. about 500 counterprotesters showed up, and riot police tried to keep them under control. police say they arrested five people who reportedly were throwing things at the rally. >> they are defending free speech. and if they weren't there, as you see from the other side, they're the ones that are rioters, throwing things, came out without a permit. we came out with a permit. the police were doing the job. we respect that. >> to have so many police officers like on a saturday night -- i mean saturday, you
was the headliner. >> it's not about titles or power struggles within. it's not about dividing america. and it is not about one individual politician. this is about the people. this is the people's movement. so the people in boston and all across the u.s., we're sending a message to washington that come november that big government, big debt, obama/pelosi/reid spending spree, their little children, we're here to take care of you. we're voting them out. we're going to tell them you're fired. >> a california attorney general jerry brown is investigating the deal palin made to speak at a state college. students found part of a contract with palin and lots of shredded paper in the trash at cal state stanislaus. the contract requires first class air fare, luxury hotel accommodations inside bottled water with bendable straws. they want to know if the school violated open records laws. >>> tiger woods may have lost more than a golf tournament at the masters. people magazine is reporting a trip to augusta, georgia, may have cost him his marriage. his wife is furious over his return to golf. wo
's "good morning america" where one parent suggested that unschooled children are not uneducated. >> we spend a significant amount of our time and energy making sure we are exposing the kids to all kinds of things. it's an activity for us as parents that takes hours a day. so we bring them to places and we bring things to them on a very regular basis. they're not confined to only the topics that they have to learn in school. >> all right. this is one of our "your views" topics today. richelle, i have to admit, it's intriguing because you are thinking, how are they doing it? how do they -- do they get a ged basically if they choose to, right? >> if they choose to, christi. and then you also -- part of you has to admire the parents because they are trying to find something different. and there isn't always something wrong with that. but, yeah you hear the word unschooling and, of course, the kids are like, yeah that's great. but come on. do kid necessarily need structure in order to learn or maybe you think this is so out there that there is no way in the world this would work. it's a goo
. no gray area. he's pretty clear there. the principal told abc's "good morning america" show why he needs all his families to cooperate. >> parents have been very thankful, overwhelmingly thankful, because they ask, you know, how old should they be when they're allowed to be on this. when can they be on it? and individually, we have been answering those questions for years. but it's very difficult in the face of, you know, pressure from a 12, 13, 14-year-old to say everybody else is on it. >> the principal says that the kids have gotten meaner and meaner online. and he says it's sixth, seventh and eighth graders just can't handle it. so are you behind the principal's thinking on this? do you agree with his view, or do you think he is overstepping his bounds, and this should be up to the parent to decide whether their child is ready for myspace or facebook? let's talk about this, all right? call us at 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us. text hlntv. standard text rates apply. or the adults who are mature enough for facebook, go to facebook. richelle carey, hln. and it's also on chuck's
in 2006. church members say service member's deaths are god's punishment for america's tolerance of homosexuality. snid snyder sued for emotional distress and won and then the church won on appeal. he's received 3,000 e-mails from people who want to help him and the american legion is also asking for donations. we've been following this story, we're asking our viewers, should the courts, the u.s. supreme court even uphold the most offensive speech? a lot of response on facebook. here's a couple comments. russell writes "they robbed this family of a decent burial one one of our heroes, over a personal agenda designed to spread hate. god doesn't hate and the judge should be removed from the bench of supporting." stephanie write it's let's take some calls. tonya's online in the is it keller, texas? >> caller: right. >> you were in the air force, right? what's your view on this. >> caller: right. i do believe even as a prior military member that just because they show a complete lack of the decorum and a complete lack of taste does not remove the fact that they do have the right of f
whether they're with wall street or main street and the rest of america. >> president obama vowed to veto an overhaul bill that does not -- goldman sachs denies the allegation saying the s.e.c.'s charges are completely unfounded in law and fact, and we will vigorously contest them and defend the firm and its reputation. >>> we're only going to see pictures like this a couple more times. this is the space shuttle "discovery" undocking from the international space station here. only three shuttle missions left, and president obama's announced big changes for the u.s. space program. so what do you think its future should be? we'll be sharing some of your views. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. so i'm ready by the first hole. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i can love the air®. [ male a
powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> two airlines are pushing to end the ban on airline travel over parts of europe, but both air france and its dutch subsidiary kml carried out test fig flights into that ash cloud and did not suffer any damage. the ash cloud has closed airports and canceled flights throughout europe and analysts say that the problem could last until the middle of next week. tom foreman looks at why it's considered such a threat. >> this volcano, from the land of ice and fire, is affecting a good portion of the world right now. these are some of the pictures of the eruption. you can see these classic images of lava spewing out there, but this is the big issue right now. a cloud of ash that's taken up the air space from about 20,000 to 35,000 feet, right where jetliners usually fly, and this is drifting east and a little south. and that's playing havoc with europe, grounding planes, closing airports all over the place. why is that? well, because, first this can look like normal dust up in the air, or
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're with wall street or with main street and the rest of america. >> well, yesterday, president obama vowed to veto a financial overhaul bill that does not regulate mortgage back securities or similar actions. >>> goldman sachs is denying the allegations saying this, "the s.e.c. charges are completely unfounded in law and fact and we will vigorously contest them." . >>> if you were hoping to take a flight to europe this weekend, you may want to make other plans. they plan to cancel 16,000 flights over the continent today. the problem, like it has been for the past few days is an ash cloud caused by an erupting volcano in iceland. among the airports that are closed today. london's heathrow and paris. for the most part, travelers seem to be taking the flight cancellations in stride. >> i'm trying to get to europe and i've got friends there. and hopefully while we're trying to organize a car. >> now instead of going glasgow to berlin, you're going -- >> glasgow, london, brussels, berlin. >> wow. >> the united states, meanwhile, is far upwind of the volcano, but the ash cloud is still causing h
have done so much. >> i don't think there's a better venue in america to help boys become men and girls become women than through sports. coaches are influential to young people. it becomes a responsibility to help them grow and mature in a positive way. >> have a great coach that was in my life. i think with the cal ripken senior foundation is working with young people, teaching them life says sons, and being a valuable as set in the community. >> want to hear from police officers and teachers, we know we're making a difference. >> to learn how to get involved, check out to. learn more about your community, check out on demand and click get local. for comcast on the red carpet, i'm elaina ruse sew.  >>> police in florida are calling the search for healie cummings a homicide investigation. jean casares joining us on trutv. she's following the story and as always providing great new information. misty croslin's grandmother says misty is spilling the beans. she has. and the putnam sheriff's department has just issued an official release to confirm that tom
. we need to come clean. toyota's new chief for quality in north america says the company could have done better, and will. >> because we're not perfect. and we -- we didn't share the experience that we had in europe. we didn't know about it in north america. that's what we're putting these processes in place. we are looking for our weak points. we are looking for -- where we need to improve. and that's why i believe these six points that toyota has put upon us, his direction, is going to make us a stronger and better company. we have never said we were perfect. >> and toyota's released a statement saying, quote, we have subsequently taking a number of important steps to improve our communication with regulators and customers on safety-related matters to ensure this does not happen again. >>> well, the governor of virginia set off a fierce controversy, remember, with his proclamation of confederate history month, not really for what it said, but really for what it didn't say. how he is trying to put out the political fire now. >>> i want to find out what your feelings are, and did yo
,000 jobs in the area. >> we are very supportive of america's human space flight program and we want to retain leadership. we want to send a message all over the world that we want to continue our leadership by maintaining our own capability of putting astronauts into space. >> the agency could actually increase the number of its employees. nasa will be developing an entire new rocket technology, and that will increase its overall budget. >>> we hear stories every day about people who become victims of identity theft. how do you protect yourself? clark howard tells us there's only one sure fire way to do it. >> want to give you a fair warning about a letter that may unfortunately show up in your mailbox. over 3 million to be exact -- 3.3 million people -- have had their information compromised. name, social security number, address and a bunch of other personal information was stolen from a student loan company's offices. now here's what you need to know. when you get that letter, they are going to offer you a credit monitoring service for free. credit monitoring, in my book, is a wa
, justin. it is legal to smoke. >> caller: well, certainly. and that's something in america that i feel we should get our priorities straight. >> oh, okay. >> caller: it kills more than all illicit drugs combined. you're tested for simple marijuana, which kills zero people per year, or even secondhand cigarette smoke kills over 50,000 people. so even family members of the employee are going to be getting the cigarette smoke breathed into their lungs, which is going to cause them to have poor health, as well. so all of this will just raise the insurance costs if they do allow employees that are smokers or family members to be insured. >> justin, let me ask you something before i let you go. i'm not trying to start another "your views" topic. i'm going to ask you. i think you're probably more legalizing marijuana, too, aren't you? >> caller: absolutely. i have a sister who has had epilepsy and has had it since she was 7. i believe that is something that would benefit her from the reading i have done. >> justin, thank you for the discussion. i appreciate that, very much. >> thanks for having
, you can't transform education in america without good teachers. but our steve perry talks with a big-city mayor on an idea for how to get and keep them. >> i have no formal authority. i don't appoint board members. i don't have any kind of say in what happens or how those dollars are spent. >> what strategies would you suggest if you had control? >> we've got to stop paying our teachers, in my opinion, as wage workers. they're not. they are professionals. and we should pay them to get a job done. we should pay them based upon results. now, that's blasphemy to a lot of people, to pay in a way that incentivizes behavior and when you get paid based upon outcomes. i believe in this era of 21st century standards. we could create fairway to pay our teachers. >> we know that better teachers in schools run by principals who have more autonomy. >> yes. >> create more effective learning environments. >> yes. >> period. >> period. good teachers, pay them more, hold them accountable for results. here in newark, we have some of the most highest performing schools in the states. >> some of these i
of america. >> some passionate viewpoints there. tomorrow protests against the law are planned across the ku t country. we're following that. >>> when john prepared for his four-hour surgery, his doctor told him it probably wouldn't help him. but he went through it, anyway, to help others. he has lou gehrig's disease. this was probably the first time they injected human stem cells into the spinal cord. >> when we inject stem cells into the spinal cord, the stem cells surround those large nerve cells and allow those nerve cells to actually become less diseased. in fact, the nerve cells begin to look healthy. >> if i get to the point where i can physically take my shirt off myself, i'm fighting for those little battles, to win those little battles psychologically. the more there is a win, the better i'm going to feel about it and i'm going to say, these dag gone things are working. >> he has a great attitude, doesn't he? you saw him there talking with cnn's dr. sanjay gupta. they hope to be able to tell if these treatments are safe or not. treatments like these are controversial because these
to retaliate. that's from palin. in an interview this morning on abc's "good morning america," the president brushed off sarah palin and her criticism. >> i really have no response to that. the last i checked, sarah pail sin not much of an expert on nuclear issues. if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it i'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from sarah palin. >>> last night, former house speaker newt gingrich told fellow republicans to lay off troubled republican national committee chairman michael steele. take a listen now to this man's tearful plea for his missing wife. >> she is a good mother. she is very good mother. >> police say they have proof those were crocodile tears and that this man is a killer. we will show you the proof in a tape that allegedly catches him in the act of dumping his wife's body. >>> -- prosecuted if they tell students how to use birth control. last month the d.a. sent a letter to the area school district saying teachers who tell students how to put on a kondom or take birth control pills
there's a better venue in america to help boys become men and girls become women than through sports. coaches are influential to young people. it becomes a responsibility to help them grow and mature in a positive way. >> have a great coach that was in my life. i think with the cal ripken senior foundation is working with young people, teaching them life says sons, and being a valuable as set in the community. >> want to hear from police officers and teachers, we know we're making a difference. >> to learn how to get involved, check out to. learn more about your community, check out on demand and click get local. for comcast on the red carpet, i'm elaina ruse sew. @@@@@@@@@@@@ >>> i can't imagine what they're going through. >> you didn't do it? >> no. >> we don't want any more bailouts. we don't want no more stimulus bills. we are taxed enough already. >> shots come out of nowhere. we thought it was the starting gun for the races, we weren't sure. we were kind of confused at first. >>> oh, goodness. great stories to cover today. welcome, everybody, this is hln "n
, down, down. listen to this number. last year in america, the typical hotel only filled 56% of its rooms on a typical night. i don't know if there's ever been a time that the number of rooms that were occupied on a night was that low. so it means that the bargains are everywhere. i used to talk about only finding the best deals on priceline and hotwire, and i still use those sites all of the time, even at hotel chain websites they're a great, great deal and then the third party si sites like and orbitz, they're also offering a bunch of deals on hotels. don't take the first price or second price, keep shopping. i'm clark howard. for more ways to stretch your travel dollar, go to >> great consumer advice on weekends "clark howard" on saturdays and sundays at noon on hln. he'll help you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >>> alcohol awareness month. here are sobering statistics about kids and drinking. a 2008 survey found 10.1 million young people between 10 and 20 in the u.s., drank at least once na month-long period. more than 30% of undera
. in an interview today on "good morning america," investigators say they're not ruling out anything and they consider hutcherson a person of interest. >> right now, we believe that mr. hutcherson is a person of interest that we need to locate as quickly as possible. obviously, his vehicle is very distinctive and we just need to find him as quickly as possible and try to see if he can lead us to tiffany and come to a safe conclusion in this case. >> david tehan, tiffany's husband, said he's shocked by the surveillance footage. doesn't know who hutcherson is. the tehan's have a 1-year-old daughter. >>> cal penn is okay after being mugged at gun point. it happened yesterday in washington. two officials told our sister network cnn penn's wallet and cell phone were taken but he was not seriously injured. there's been no word from penn on the matter, though. >>> they may not run as fast as they did in their 20s or go for as many balls, but as dr. sanjay gupta reports, a team of self-professed old guys refuse to stop playing their favorite sport. >> reporter: they call themselves old guys.
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aggressively against america's housing market and its own customers than originally believed and may have pocketed billions of dollars in the process. sonny hostin, attorney and contributor to "in session" is here with more of the day's fireworks. what's the headline today? >> it's been really just unbelievable, chuck. i think the headline is goldman sachs fights back aggressively. when this, you know, panel hearing took place, it took on a confrontational tone immediately, but i think what is most fascinating is goldman sachs' position is very different from what you usually see. you usually see executives saying i can't comment on that because of the pending litigation. what they are doing is they are going through this s.e.c. complaint allegation by allegation and they are directly rebutting each and every allegation. it's a highly unusual strategy, and i can only imagine that the reason they have been advised by their team of super lawyers really to take on this type of strategy is because they think this is a bet the farm kind of case. they think that the reputational hit they are go
looks at how their work is building up america and saving lives. >> reporter: it came from out of nowhere. one second, francisco tut elle was feeling fine. >> it was a typical day, morning. had a busy schedule that day. and -- >> reporter: this is where it happened. >> right here. exactly. >> reporter: but in an instant he was on the floor, the victim of a sudden heart attack. he would have died without a critical act of philanthropy. >> believe me, everybody needs something. there's no department that doesn't need some kind of gear. >> reporter: brothers chris and robin sorensen are former firefighters who founded a national chain of sandwich shops called firehouse subs. since 2005 they have donated more than $2 million of equipment to fire stations in 13 states. a lot of that money comes from selling pickle ducts empty by their shops. >> we sell 5,000 to 10,000 pickle buckets a month. at $2 apiece. >> reporter: that money helped pay for this device called the auto pulse, donated to the mt. pleasant, south carolina, fire department. the precision, nonstop compressions brought
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